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1. Key Facts

  • Safeguarding is everybody’s business. Agencies have a duty to report safeguarding concerns to the
    Local Safeguarding Adults Team
    Staff of BEST2CARE will report safeguarding concerns to the Registered Manager
  • The Registered Manager will refer safeguarding concerns to the Local Authority Safeguarding Adults
  • If it is suspected that a crime has taken place, the reporter of the incident must call the police
  • BEST2CARE will be led by the Local Authority Adult Safeguarding Team as to ‘next steps’ such as
  • If the alleged victim requires immediate removal from harm or medical attention, this will be done
  • The Service User to whom the incident has happened will be consulted and supported to be involved¬†in the safeguarding process and provided with information they understand throughout
    BEST2CARE is committed to supporting and protecting the well-being of Service Users through
    prevention of harm and reporting and dealing with incidents of abuse through a proper process

2. Policy & Procedure

View Safeguarding Policy and Procedure 

3. Safeguarding Records