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1.Key Facts

  • BEST2CARE has a robust recruitment process which aims to find and select competent and high-quality candidates who are compatible with the vision, culture and standards of BEST2CARE.
  • Inductions for BEST2CARE staff aim to be timely, organised, engaging and give a good first
  • Inductions include setting out the mission, vision, history, culture and values of BEST2CARE, whilst
    providing the skills needed and information about ‘who’s who within the service

2. Recruitment & Onboarding Overview

Our recruitment and onboarding process in composed of several steps to ensure the highest quality of candidates are recruited and supported as they join BEST2CARE.

1. Candidate fills in a job application

2. If the candidate doesn’t provide full details on the job application they will be asked to fill out an employment history, professional reference or character reference¬†validation form¬†depending on what information is missing, with the help of HR if required.

3. Initial phone discussion

4. Behaviour & Competency interview

5. Job Offer if successful / Rejection letter if unsuccessful

6. Employee sent links to electronically sign an employment contract and provide onboarding documentation

7. Employee is given induction training

8. Employee is given ongoing support, training and mentorship depending on their background level of experience

3. Recruitment Templates

4. Policy & Procedure

5. Staff Onboarding & Right To Work Tracker

This is where we track our onboarding employees. Our Care Management software (Birdie) tracks the expiry of employee documents.