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1. Management Meetings Key Facts

  • The objective of a Management Meeting is to produce and coordinate actions, assign accountability
    and timescales
    Reviewing Best2 Care Ltd and its department performance, and reviewing different ways of working to
    achieve results enables a culture and commitment to providing the best quality service and workplace
    for Service Users and staff
    Management Meetings work to a core agenda and notes are made and available to staff at Best2 Care
    Ltd. This enables awareness and the ability to contribute and achieve any actions required

2. Management Meetings Policy & Procedure

View Management Meetings Policy and Procedure

3. Management Meeting Minutes

4. Internal Audit & Review

  • Best2 Care Ltd completes robust action plans to ensure that improvement areas are accounted for,
    developed and produce a satisfactory outcome
  • Fundamentally, the aim of health and social care is to improve or maintain the quality of people’s lives
    and their wellbeing, through personalisation and empowerment
    In order to review if this is achieved at Best2 Care Ltd, there is a need to measure outcomes against a
    set of standards that are determined by best practice, legislation and regulations
  • Audits are necessary within every functioning part of the business and we complete yearly to maintain
    our quality standards
  • Audits are a means of helping staff to become better at what they do, to understand how their role helps to maintain and improve the quality of services, and to identify any training and development
    needs that may be necessary

5. Internal Audit & Review Policy & Procedure

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6. Quality Audit Tools