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1.Key Facts

  • Training is important to develop staff and to ensure that they all have the skills needed to undertake
    their role effectively
  • Individual staff training and development needs will be reviewed annually or more frequently dependent¬†upon the needs of the Service Users
  • Access to training will be planned and based upon assessed need
    All staff are entitled to at least 3 days paid training per year
  • It is expected that all staff will share the knowledge they have gained through training
  • Course appraisal forms will be completed for all training undertaken
    Staff with specific interests will be encouraged to undertake training in the identified area and to
    develop an understanding of best practice

2. Policy & Procedure

View Induction and Onboarding Policy and Procedure

3. Staff Training Tracker

This is where capture an overview of employee training. Training expiry is tracked through the Care Management & Planning application Birdie.